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In 2014, I decided to spontaneously visit my friend. I had a Finnish Schengen visa. You can go to Warsaw only through Finland. Helsinki will buy a ticket to Warsaw. But everything turned out to be wrong. I was offered only one ticket for 900 euros. And with a discount round-trip ticket for 333 euros. But I did not plan to return to Moscow again through Helsinki. Then I went to the center of Helsinki to see the sights and leave by train to Warsaw. At the station I was told that trains to Warsaw do not run from Helsinki. And they kindly advised me to take a tram to the pier to catch a ferry and get to Tallinn. So I did. From Tallinn I flew to Riga, and from Riga I already reached Warsaw. It was the most idiotic trip.
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    прямая линия это смерть кривая линия это жизнь.

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