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So how did your date go with that girl?
Yeah it was really good. I got really nervous before though, because she was late. I thought she was standing me up, or something.
Oh no! But you got on well with her?
Yeah she's a really nice girl. We have a lot in common. She's really into her music and we both have slightly alternative tastes. Also, she cares a lot about her fitness and she takes good care of herself. She goes climbing, she runs, she did gymnastics when she was a teenager!
Wow! Well it sounds like she has a pretty active lifestyle. Maybe you should start climbing again. You could go together!
Ha. Yeah well I'll have to start practising. I probably ought to go on a diet, too...
How old is she?
She's in her late twenties, so just a few years younger than me.
Nice. So have you talked to her? Are you going to see her again?
Yeah we were talking this morning. I think we are going to go on another date, maybe next weekend.
Oh cool! You should take her to the new jazz bar in town. They have live music there on Saturdays. I went last weekend and the band were incredible.
That's a good idea. If we see each other on Saturday, I'll suggest that.
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