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Безумие.Графика, живопись и медицинские рисунки.

Оригинал взят у marinni в Безумие.Графика, живопись и медицинские рисунки.


--------------------- АЛЛЕГОРИИ БЕЗУМИЯ --------------------------------- The Tree of Folly growing in the centre, between four rows with scenes that exemplify folly, each with its explanatory text Etching Attributed to Ambrogio Brambilla Date 1575-1590 Il Mondo e per lo più gabbia di matti Print made by Giuseppe Maria Mitelli Allegory of the madness of the world: numerous types of man inside a bird-cage on top of which sits Fortune. 1684 Crowds of men and women attempt to knock down with staves a half moon hanging from a tree. 1685 Print made by Giuseppe Maria Mitelli ------------ Безумие в облике молодой женщины Allegorical scene with Decrepitude as an old woman in extravagant costume putting another beauty spot on her face and looking at her reflection in a mirror on a washstand, while Madness personified by young woman with fool's bauble hanging from a sash is helping her getting dressed; above them, Cupid flying with arrow in his hand. 1745 Print made by Louis Surugue Аллегорическая фигура женщины с погремушкой дурака и купидон Cupid, blindfolded, led by a woman carrying a fool's bauble and personifying Madness, while in the background people are paying their homage to them. 1785 Print made by Michel Honoré Bounieu ----------------------Графика----------------------------- Allegorical scene with group formed by partially blindfolded man holding a mask in front of him, screaming nude woman, figure wrapped in a drapery and holding a hammer, reclining male figure, boar, dog, bear and donkey. 1543 Attributed to Monogrammist IQV After Rosso Fiorentino Date 1543 Wellcome Library, London The Dancing Mania; by Hondius after Brueghel 1570-... While maskinge in their folleis all doe passe, though all say nay yet all doe ride the asse Satire on the folly of the world: a group of men and a courtesan vie to ride the ass of folly which is led by a beggar who fails to persuade a judge to take part; a fool holds the ass by the tail. 1607 Attributed to Renold Elstrack Wellcome Library, London The heads of women are reforged in a workshop by the sea; suggesting a brutal cure for the 'madness' of women. Line engraving, c. 1660. Published: Chiquet,[Paris] (Rue S. Jacques au grand S. Henry) : ----------------кошмары--------------------- Ночные кошмары A nightmare; a sleeping man at the door of a building to left is surrounded by the fantastic creatures that he is dreaming of, these include a lamp, partly composed of a praying nun and supported on a single human foot, a creature with a crozier passing through its chest, mounted on a horse, another composed in part of a pair of bellows, and a wheel, the spokes of which are formed of human heads Formerly attributed to Hieronymus Bosch Attributed to Cornelis Matsys Date 16thC(late) ------------------------ЖИВОПИСЬ----------------------------- BOSCH, Hieronymus The Cure of Folly (Extraction of the Stone of Madness) 1475-80 Oil on panel, 48 x 35 cm Museo del Prado, Madrid WEYDEN, Rogier van der The Last Judgment (detail) 1446-52 Oil on wood Musée de l'Hôtel Dieu, Beaune BRUEGEL, Pieter the Elder Netherlandish Proverbs 1559 Oil on oak panel, 117 x 163 cm Staatliche Museen, Berlin BRUEGEL, Pieter the Elder Netherlandish Proverbs (detail) 1559 Oil on oak panel Staatliche Museen, Berlin BRUEGEL, Pieter the Elder Dulle Griet (Mad Meg) c. 1562 Oil on wood, 117,4 x 162 cm Museum Mayer van den Bergh, Antwerp -------------Экзорцизм и религиозные мании-------------------------- Христос, изгоняющий бесов из из двух Гадаринских бесноватых. Экзорцизм St Anthony of Padua, surrounded by ten scenes from his life; the saint standing in the centre making a blessing gesture and holding a book and a lily in his left hand; the subsidiary scenes from his life are: St Antony converts an unbeliever; exorcizes a demon; heals a young man with broken skull; examines the body of a miser whose heart has been replaced by gold; examines a mule adoring the Host; restores to life a child; preaches to the fishes at Rimini; heals the leg of a young man who had kicked his mother; appears after his death to rescue some friars in danger of shipwreck; causes a newborn child to speak in order to attest the fidelity of the mother. 1510-1520 (circa) Экзорцизм St Paul, standing on the right, exorcizes a man possessed by the demon and chained to a broken pillar Print made by Louis Boullogne Date 1646-1674 Экзорцизм George Abraham Mercklini, D.. Tractatus Physico-Medicus de Incantamentis. n.c. : n.p., 1715. Notes detail. A scene of exorcism: a priest with hands upon the head of man vomiting frogs. Theme Possession and Insanity ------------------ Wellcome Library, London Nebuchadnezzar, gone mad, grovels like a beast of the earth; he gropes for his crown. Dutch engraving, c. 17th century Wellcome Library, London A boy and a mentally disabled girl (representing madness) engaged on the mad task of trying to separate fighting dogs. Engraving 17th century By: Crispijn de Passe Printed: Crispian van de Passe --------------- --------------------------секты------------------------- Wellcome Library, London The Moor-Fields Congregation, representing religious mania. Etching by G. Bickham. 1739 after: George Bickham Wellcome Library, London Members of the Jansenist sect having convulsions and spasms as a result of religious fanaticism. Engraving by B. Picart ----------------------Сумашедшие дома-------------------------------------- A Rake's Progress; A Rake's Pr...satirical print; print; William Hogarth (Print made by); A scene in Bedlam (after the painting at Sir John Soane's Museum) Wellcome Library, London Mentally ill patients dancing at a ball at Somerset County Asylum. Process print after a lithograph by K. Drake ------------------------Портреты----------------- JUAN DE FLANDES Portrait of Joan the Mad 1496-1500 Oil on wood, 36 x 26 cm Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna Inscribed: "Madme de Pienne de la grander de mad/de sauve" Portrait of Anne de Piennes (Chabot), b. c.1540; half-length turned slightly to left, looking to front, wearing a bejewelled dress with high, frilled collar and a head-dress with train. c.1560 Drawn by François Clouet Joanna the Mad, Queen of Spain, formerly in an album, the 'Costume Book'; whole-length, standing to left, her long hair bound behind, Drawn by Peter Paul Rubens Date 1592-1620 Duces Burgundiae; Johanna Uxor...print; Pieter Soutman (After); Pieter Soutman (Print made by); Pieter Soutman (Published by); Jon...; Plate 7: Joanna the Mad. Portrait of the queen Date 1643-1644 Katheline la Folle print; Auguste Danse (Print made by); Henry de Groux (After); A mad woman in medieval costume sitting beside a table with her eyes looking upwards 1860-1888 William Dickinson (Print made by); Robert Edge Pine (After); A female figure representing madness, with straw and a scarf in tangled hair, a rope holding a pelt around her leaving the breast bare, clutching at the chains which hold her with her right arm, twisting to the left and staring wildly towards the upper left; after Pine; scratched-letter state without title. 1775 Madness McArdell, James (printmaker) Pine, Robert Edge after (painter) British artist, 1730-1788 Nathl Lee the Mad Poet William Dobson (After); John Watts (Print made by); 1888 Mad Kate print; book-illustration; William Bromley (Print made by); Henry Fuseli (After); A woman sitting on rocks with wild expression illustration to Cowper's 'Poems'; proof before letters. 1807 ------------- La Folieprint; Pierre Aveline (Print made by); Gabriel Huquier (Published by); Cornelis Visscher (After); Madness: 1737 GOYA Y LUCIENTES, Francisco de Saturn Devouring One of his Children 1819-23 Plaster mounted on canvas, 146 x 83 cm Museo del Prado, Madrid The Desperate Man (also known as The Man Made Mad by Fear) Gustave Courbet - circa 1843-1844 Косолап Петр Сысоевич Безумный скрипач у тела умершей матери 1863 Прислал boxing_cat - спасибо. -----------------------Иллюстрации------------------------- ------------------------ Улисс, изображая безумие, ведет запряженных лошадей и волов с плугом, слева прячется за деревом Palamedes, он вынул сына Улисса Телемаха из колыбели и положил его перед плугом, 1779 Ulysses, pretending madness, has yoked a horse and an ox to the plow; to the left hiding behind a tree, Palamedes, joined by a companion, having taken Ulysses' son Telemachus from the cradle and put him in front of the plow, is watching the scene and noticing that Ulysses was performing a farce, 1779 Print made by Christian Bernhard Rode Hamlet and Ophelia, illustration to William Shakespeare's 'Hamlet', Act III, Sc i; Ophelia seated in a small oratory, is in the act of returning to Hamlet the letters and presents he has given her. 1858 Drawn by Dante Gabriel Rossetti Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828-1882) The First Madness of Ophelia Watercolor on paper, 1864 Public collection ----------------------------КАРИКАТУРЫ----------------------------- The author run mad satirical print; print; Paul Sandby (Print made by); (For description see other impression). 1753 Caricature with Queen Caroline as Lady Macbeth on the mad scene, holding a candle in the street before a horrified John Bull. 1 February 1821 Published by George Humphrey Date 1821 Lieut goverr Gall-stone, inspired by Alecto; -or- the birth of Minerva Philip Thicknesse writes at a table; he listens to Alecto who whispers slyly in his ear, her right hand on his right shoulder; she is seated partly on his knee partly on a cloud behind him which rises from the jaws of Hell, the gaping mouth of a monster in the lower right corner of the design. Print made by James Gillray Date 1790 --------------- -------------------------20 век--------------------------------- Dance in a madhouse Print made by George Bellows Date 1917 Psychopathic ward Print made by Robert Riggs (biographical details | all objects) Date 1940 (circa) Sandy Skoglund, American, born 1946 Shimmering Madness, 1998 Jelly beans, wood, plastic, metal, motors -------------------Медицинские рисунки----------------------- ------------------------- Wellcome Library, London William Norris confined in Bethlem Hospital for 12 years. Freely adapted from G. Arnold's etching. Engraving circa 1833 Wellcome Library, London Broadside: "Portrait of William Norris" Circa 1815 By: G. Arnauld William Norris confined in Bethlem Hospital for 12 years Wellcome Library, London William Norris restrained by chains at the neck and ankles in Bethlem hospital, London. Coloured etching by G. Arnald, 1815, after himself, 1814. 1814-1815 By: George Arnald --------------------- -------------------E. Esquirol.---------------------------------------------------------- Des Maladies Mentales, Atlas. Paris : J.B. Baillière, 1838 gravé par Ambroise Tardieu. epileptic man lying in bed pensive woman gravé par Ambroise Tardieu. person sitting on wall, struggling in strait-jacket, enraged or frightened expression cataleptic gravé par Ambroise Tardieu. The woman in this profile is the revolutionary advocate of women’s rights, Théroigne de Méricourt. маньяк gravé par Ambroise Tardieu. profile bust of emaciated man, mouth open Wellcome Library, London Insane patient in a strait-waistcoat. Engraving By: Ambroise Tardieu Jean Etienne Dominique Esquirol Published: Paris 1838 Wellcome Library, London Side profile of a 'maniac', by Ambroise Tardieu after anon. Engraving circa 1838 By: Ambroise Tardieu From: Des maladies mentales By: Jean Etienne Dominique Esquirol : Wellcome Library, London Insane patient in a French asylum Wellcome Library, London Insane patient in a French asylum Insane patient in a French asylum Insane patient in a French asylum Wellcome Library, London Insane patients in a French asylum Wellcome Library, London Maniac in a strait-jacket, in a French asylum. Engraving By: Ambroise Tardieu 1838 Wellcome Library, London Insane patient in a French asylum. Engraving By: Ambroise Tardieu Insane patient in a French asylum. Engraving By: Ambroise Tardieu ------------------------------------------------------------- Wellcome Library, London 'Melancholy mania in four stages' by W. Bagg after a photograph by H. W. Diamond 1858 ----------------------- Wellcome Library, London Six pictures of crania and heads of the insane. From: Traité medico-philosophique sur l'aliénation mentale, ou la manie, By: Philippe Pinel Published: RichardParis 1801 Wellcome Library, London Seven vignettes of people suffering from different types of mental illness. Lithograph by W. Spread and J. Reed, 1858 -------------------Dr. Paul Richer ----------------------------------------- Title Études Cliniques sur la Grande Hystérie ou Hystéro-Épilepsie Prodromes; Agitation et contractures partielles; A. Delahaye et E. Lecrosnier Période __ Période de Clownisme; Fig.1 Phase des grands mouvements; Fig.2 Phase des contorsions (Arc de cercle); A. Delahaye et E. Lecrosnier Attaque Demoniaque; A. Delahaye et E. Lecrosnier. ------------Morison, The physiognomy of mental diseases-London 1843 -------------------- Wellcome Library, London Portrait of 20 year old female mental patient portrat of elderly female mental patient - nymphomania. From: The physiognomy of mental diseases By: Alexander Morison Published: --------------Dr. Paul Regnard.-------------------------------------------------- Sorcellerie Magnétisme, Morphinisme Délire des Grandeurs. Paris : E. Plon, 1887. Attitude Passionnelle. Moquerie Contracture Provoquée Excitation du Nerf Cubital Pendant le Sommeil Hypnotique Procédé pour la Production de la Catalepsie Catalepsie Produite par le Son Continu d’un Diapason Catalepsie produite par le Son Brusque d’un Tam-Tam Сумасшедший ------------------------------- Wellcome Library, London Женщина, больная эротоманией. Photograph showing a female psychiatric patient, "erotomania". From: The physiognomy of mental diseases By: Alexander Morrison Published: Longman & CoLondon 1843 ----------------- Dr. Desiré Magloire Bourneville. Louise Lateau ou la Stigmatisée belge. Paris : n.p., 1875. Page 39, Plate 1. Notes The first stage of demoniacal possession: contortion followed by insensibility. Wellcome Library, London A man diagnosed as suffering from acute dementia. Lithograph, 1892, after a drawing by Alexander Johnston, 1836/1841 Wellcome Library, London A female aged 23, who had been admitted to Bethlehem Hospital, 'labouring under an attack of Mania'. From: Outlines of lectures on the nature, causes, and treatment of insanity By: Alexander Morison 1848 ДУРАКИ И ШУТЫ. Старинные гравюры и картинки-ТУТ Смерть и страх- ТУТ --------------
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