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An interview about our digital project LOCKEDOWN LOCKED IN in English

"Writers and actors from Russia such as Maria Kroupnik, Nina Belenitskaya, Marina Krapivina, Polina Glukhova, Natalya Milantyeva... Elly Beaman-Brinklow and Fiona Dawson from Britain, Patrizia Paolini from Italy and Margaret Cohen from Poland; from Australia... contributed a great deal to Lockedown Locked In with their awesome creativity..."

"We have learned that your project “Lockedown Locked In”, which we have been watching closely and eagerly awaiting to see, received the first award in the “Best Experimental Film” category from Berlin Indie Film Festival".

"As the whole team, we are very happy with this award as well as the others that we got from International Barcelona Film Festival, IndieFest of California and Athens International Art Film Festival. Last year, when the lockdown first started, news of domestic violence and incidents of femicide began to pour in from London and Istanbul".

всё интервью с Барис:
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